The No Vote By Mail Project Gets Own Mail Ballot Rejected

Mail Ballot Rejected

Mail Ballot Rejected

Here at The No Vote By Mail Project, run by me, Gentry Lange, I don’t relish getting letters from the county auditor that look like the one above. If you can’t read it, it basically tells me that my vote-by mail ballot wasn’t cast in time for the primary election, and therefore it was not counted.

However, I recall casting my ballot (by dropping it in the outgoing mail of my girlfriend’s apartment in Seattle where I was staying), a full day before the election. But oddly, they just didn’t get it in time. My guess is that in many apartment buildings outgoing mail isn’t routinely checked. So my mistake was in trusting the system. I should have dropped my ballot off at the post office, or directly at elections. But the system encourages you to follow your folly and toss it in the mail, so I tried it… and I failed.

I also recall thinking I should have photographed the mailing of my ballot for proof that I mailed it before it was due… because the building just got new mail boxes, and I thought maybe the postman wasn’t picking up mail yet from the new boxes… even though the old mailbox wasn’t really there anymore. But alas, it turns out that they were picking up the mail there, because I got this letter that says they got my ballot, late.

Now, if I wasn’t the Director of the No Vote By Mail Project, I’d say something was a bit fishy. But knowing that the vote-by mail voting system is full of holes, I know it is just standard operating procedure. I’ve watched too many friends open a similar letter, a letter telling them that their signature didn’t match the signature at the County on file and therefore their ballot didn’t count, either.

Vote-by mail is about the worst possible system for voting I have ever encountered as a voter. Don’t believe the hype, get the facts, and start fighting in your state to stop the switch to vote by mail. Vote by mail is worse than touchscreens, worse than centralized vote counts, it’s all the bad things in one convenient package. Heck, if you think about it an absentee ballot isn’t even a secret ballot.

But alas, I fear Americans are far too willing to sacrifice their rights for convenience, and won’t notice when their secret ballot disappeared any more than they noticed when the vote counting became computerized.

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  1. So you mailed your ballot the day before the election using a mailbox you admittedly suspected ahead of time would be problematic, but the problem is with the vote-by-mail system and not with you?

    If you decided to drive to the polling place 15 minutes before closing time in an unreliable car you suspected might break down, and it did break down and as a result you didn’t get to the polls in time, would you blame the voting system?

  2. Ah yes, the inevitable. Thanks “Joe” for your insight. The fact is that this is how many Vote-By Mail systems work. You are suppose to use your “regular” mail, to cast your vote. Vote-By Mail advocates seem to believe that convenience trumps my security and reliability concerns.

    In fact, I dropped my vote into a mailbox that was in use prior to that day. I talked to my landlord to make sure. So, in fact I also dropped it in that mailbox a day before the election.

    And the system, you are referring to Joe, Vote-By Mail also got my ballot. Capiche? So in essence the letter I got says, yes we got your ballot, because we do pick up mail from that mailbox. But they are accusing me of not voting in time.

    I did vote in time Joe. According to this systems requirement, I voted early.

    Now I would advocate dropping off your Vote-By Mail system at the county directly, no that I’ve had this happen. I also advocated dropping it off and eliminating the “mail” aspect of Vote-By Mail prior to this occurence as well. This was kinda a “test” considering it was a primary vote that wasn’t particularly important to me, considering there were not that many closely contested races. In the generals I will make sure to drop my ballot off, and skip mailing it in.

    Anyway, thanks for reading Joe. And to everyone else, click the link “What’s Wrong With Voting By Mail?” At the top of the page for more information.

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