Jason Osgood is Not Qualified To Run King County Elections

Recently Jason Osgood ran a pretty lack-luster campaign for Washington’s Secretary of State. As the Director of The No Vote By Mail Project, I endorsed Jason for that race. Many factors originally influenced this decision, including the fact that Sam Reed is about as bad of a Secretary of State as I could imagine (other than say, Kenneth Blackwell or Katherine Harris).

However, the backstory that I never wrote about was that I had a meeting with Jason Osgood and another election integrity activist prior to Jason’s announcement that he was running for Secretary of State. At this meeting I was asked not to run as a Democrat in the primaries because Washington’s Democratic Party had asked Jason to run against Sam. I agreed to this deal, because Sam was unlikely to be beaten this year, and because in 4 of the past 5 elections, I have run several campaigns and been a candidate myself, so if my desire for someone to run against Sam would be carried out by Jason, that was ok by me. Campaigns are exhausting to say the least.

However, another agreement was made at this meeting. Jason Osgood directly told me that running for Secretary of State was simply a precursor to helping elect a truly qualified candidate to the posistion of King County’s Director of Elections. At the time Jason and I, and the other election integrity activist at this meeting, all agreed on who we would all be backing for that election.

So it came as a great suprise to me to find out that Jason Osgood had gone back on his word to me and others who have helped him, literally for years, understand elections, technology, and campaigns, and announced that he would be running for the position of Director of King County Elections.  Jason, if you’ll lie to those people who have helped you, as your friends, tirelessly, for years, why should anyone trust you as a politician?

Besides which, anyone watching your campaign for Secretary of State would already realize that you don’t know how to run a campaign. You got virtually no press coverage, and even the little bit of free press I lined up for you was ignored.

So Jason Osgood, let me be the first to say, you are not qualified to run King County’s Elections. You have no experience in office, you have no skill for campaigning, you are not a man of your word, and even worse, from my perspective is your lack of desire to fight against vote-by mail in King County. Which is evident in your post over at Horsesass.org:

30. Jason Osgood spews:

Hi Daniel @ 25.

Very good question.

My job as Director of Elections is to run the elections, not make law. The King County Council legislates and I would abide by their decisions.

So I have no interest in revisiting the vote by mail decision.

By this statement alone Mr. Osgood, you have convinced me that you are no longer insterested in fighting for true voting integrity. By going against your word and now running for a position for which you pledged to support a different and more qualified candidate, you have shown yourself to lack personal integrity. And throughout your campaign for Secretary of State you proved a highly ineffectual candidate. Really, in a Blue State like Washington, in a Blue year, you lost and lost badly. 

But other than being unqualified, the biggest problem Jason presents for King County, is that he may split the vote of King County’s Democrats, leaving the door wide open for people like Pam Roach, who would be truly awful.

Update 1
King County is one of the largest single voting juridictions in the entire nation. The complexity of the system requires someone with serious expertise. The kind of expertise that someone like myself, who has studied the system for years… does not posses. Personally I supported Jason against Sam Reed for the same reason the Democratic Party supported Jason Osgood, he wasn’t going to win. Seriously. He wasn’t going to win. So a one trick pony who is running an issue based campaign, gets the job done. And that job is questioning the incumbent, and pointing out the failures in the system that provide you with an issue based platform. But even in endorsing Jason, I knew he was not qualified for the job.

However, now that Jason’s jumped into a race that many activists have been working on for years, his decision can have grave ramifications for Washington State at large. Dean Logan proved unworthy. And he had a lot more qualifications than Jason. All I can hope now is that someone truly qualified stands up and stands up soon to run for the position. Otherwise Jason, you’re going to throw this race to the strongest Republican who stands willing.

Update 2

Could someone please explain to me in the comments below why Jason Osgood IS qualified? The way I see it, he is a computer geek, who acts like a child, gets called paranoid and sweaty by The Stranger, doesn’t know how to talk to the media, has no real experience leading large groups of people that I am aware, and is a very partisan Democrat running for a non-partisan position. He has never run anything near the size of the job he is applying for, and he has turned around on vote-by mail, and dissed his friends and allies along the way. Oh, and he lost the statewide race, as the ONLY Democrat in a blue state, by wide margins. To a Republican not very well liked by his own base.


11 Responses

  1. For shame, how could Jason Osgood not kowtow to the great and powerful Oz (Gentry) in all matters. Obviously in exchange for your endorsement Jason should always obey all your wishes. Jason should ignore the King County Council and fight your insane inane lost cause battles forever.

    Shesh!!! you are such a blowhard. The last time I saw someone as pigheaded and egomaniacal as you it turned out that they were helped by drug therapy. Go see a doctor, get tested and get help.

    You don’t need that tin foil in your hat you need a doctor.
    Best wishes,
    Barry O’Connell
    visit http://www.JasonOsgood.com

  2. Barry O’Connell, nothing I have written here makes any claim that Jason needs or wants or cares about my endorsement. What I have stated is my opinion and my personal views on this particular race.

    During the previous election, my article, “Jason Osgood or Sam Reed,” was read several thousand times. I like to support candidates who I think are honest, trustworthy, and who have high degrees of integrity. Jason has proven to me that he lacks these qualities.

    Obviously you are free to support him.

  3. Gentry,

    I don’t know you personally, but I respect what you do and say on election integrity. That being said, It sounds to me like maybe some personal animus has colored your views on this issue.

    If the other election integrity activist to whom you refer is who I suspect it is, then maybe that person is actually is the problem. If the person you obviously support is the person I suspect, then I applaud Jason Osgood for deciding to run.

    You may be a long time activist for election integrity, and you may know more about the issue than many of us… but you are not the only one who cares about the issue strongly, and certainly not the only one affected by it, or the outcome of this election.

    Here are the facts:

    Your candidate simply cannot win. Your candidate has waaaay too much baggage and waaay to many enemies. You may not even be aware of all of it – in fact you likely are not.

    A large group of elected Democratic officials is already mobilizing to ensure that your candidate doesn’t move beyond square one. She has more virulent enemies than you can imagine. These are people of influence who will work as hard as they can to ensure that she is not elected, regardless of who that favors. They oppose her that vehemently.

    Why would anyone want to launch a political campaign from such a position? This is a handicap that affects all of us who care about the issues.

    I sense that your personal anger over what you perceive as a slight by Jason is leading you to say things about Jason’s commitment to the issues that I suspect you really don’t believe.

    Please give some consideration to supporting the election integrity activist who actually has a chance to win this race – for all of our sakes.

  4. Not aware? Jeff Upthegrove, brother of State Representative Dave Upthegrove? Really I’m fully aware of my political enemies, and many of my friends’ enemies as well. But it is interesting to know that someone scares the Dems so much that they are willing to organize against them, and so are their brothers.

    Voting Integrity is an issue I take very seriously, and personally, it is your choice to view my opinions with whatever

  5. I’m not your political enemy. I do oppose your candidate of choice because she has proven to be a pathological liar and in the process has alienated most of the Democratic Party. She therefore has the ability to throw this race to Pam Roach. That’s what I’m “afraid” of. She herself will not pull more than a few % points, but she could take those votes from a viable candidate who actually supports election integrity.

  6. Explain to me how supporting Voting By Mail is supporting Election Integrity?

    I never said you were my political enemy. You can throw around insults all you want, but the person in question is a personal friend of mine, who I have known to be far more honest than most Democrats that I have met. Far more honest.

    Until the day that I am proven wrong by that person, directly, and not some cabal of nameless faceless Democrats who make wild accusations that are clearly ridiculous on their face, then I will be supporting the person who has always been 110% honest and upfront with me… personally.

    There’s several contenders in this race that make me nervous, besides Pam Roach, and Llyod Hara is another one of them. The last thing we need is another Simsbot in the position.

    In the end, whoever speaks the most honestly about election reform to me, and to the public, will gain my support. By supporting Vote-By Mail, or not contesting it, is to admit defeat. It is to say voting integrity is not as important as obtaining power over the election administration apparatus in King County. My goal is open, fair, honest, accurate, and public vote counting at the precinct level.

    What’s your goal?

  7. I think you can have well observed hand counts of paper ballots at a central location. So I don’t agree with the “precinct level” piece of your goals. Otherwise, I agree with your whole statement.

    If you have made a personal decision about your candidate / friend then I obviously won’t be able to change your mind. Someday you will likely learn the hard way, as others have.

    I no more want Hara as Director than Roach. This is not a partisan issue for me. Plenty of Democrats don’t care about election integrity, just like plenty of Republicans don’t care. I think Jason does.

    I base my judgment of Jason Osgood on my personal experience, just like you base your judgment of your candidate on yours. And I have no more reason to give credence to your insults and claims about him than you do to mine.

    The bottom line is that Jason has burned far fewer bridges and so has a much better shot at winning.

  8. If jason was qualified I expect that you would be telling me all about his qualifications. Instead you are continuing to attack someone else who is very qualified. And of the two people only one has been consistently honest with me… And that’s not jason.

  9. You know Jason so I don’t need to tell you anything about his qualifications. Not to mention that your mind is obviously made up and you are clearly shilling for someone.

    It’s amusing of you to complain about attacks after starting this discussion with a public crybaby attack post about Jason. If your candidate can’t take attacks then my suggestion would be to not engage in them. Or to get out of the way.

    The sad thing here is that if Jason wins this election you will have likely burned the one bridge that would finally have given you a direct voice in the process.

    Best of luck Gentry,


  10. Jeff, I didn’t burn any bridges that Jason didn’t already set on fire.

    As for Jason’s qualifications. He’s unqualified, plain and simple. He’s no longer fighting against Vote-By Mail, and obviously just wants the job.

    The precinct count is the only way to ensure public control of the process. Central counts introduce all sorts of chain of custody issues.

    As for a voice at the table in King County? If that voice is one that accepts Vote-By Mail as inevitable, then that’s not a voice that is speaking for me, or about voting integrity.

    I do know Jason, so this is why I feel qualified to asses his skills. He is not a good candidate for the Democrats to support if they want to win. He’s scared of the press, he doesn’t take constructive criticism well, and he turns on those who have helped him along the way.

  11. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to take a moment to point out my agreement with your assessment. In my exposure and communications with Jason Aaron Osgood, he was EXTREMELY hostile to even the most polite criticism or disagreement, and in general was more interested in acting childish than in acting constructive. I am a solid Democrat, but I would rather abstain from voting than vote him into ANY position of authority.

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