Sherril Huff, David Irons, Julie Kempf, Pam Roach, Christopher Clifford, or Bill Anderson?

Sherril Huff, David Irons, Julie Kempf, Pam Roach, Christopher Clifford, or Bill Anderson? That’s the question before King County Voters this February 13th, 2009 Special Elections for King County Elections Director. So let’s get started…. with the current director–Sherril Huff.

Well first off,  Huff is a carpet bagger, of this there is no doubt. She moved to King County from Bremerton (Kitsap County), in order to qualify for an election she didn’t even want. But more importantly to my way of thinking is who amongst these 6 candidates is the most honest about election integrity. Carpet bagging is obviously a bad way to start on the honesty front. But there’s more…
Sherril Huff was recently at the helm as almost 11,000 thousand attempted vote-by mail ballots were disenfranchised, as reported by the Seattle Weekly.

If Huff is supporting Vote-By Mail, then she is not the candidate I am looking for… Far from it.

In fact, so far I haven’t seen or heard from any of the candidates on their positions regarding voting integrity in general. Except fo Bill Anderson. And his positions are completely out of line with what I would consider real voting integrity in King County. From his website, Bill says:

“King County’s move to voting exclusively by mail is but the first step in gaining control of the voting process.”

Well right off the bat he’s totally wrong. It is not the first step in gaining control. It is the last in a long series of steps in undermining the system of voting at the polling places, and counting those ballots at the precincts.

But then again, that could be your perspective on things Bill. I think about “We the people” having control and losing control of the process of voting…. and maybe you are looking at it from the reverse perspective of “Government taking control of the process.” If that’s the case then you might be onto something.

Sherril Huff, while qualified in terms of “experience” doesn’t talk about voting integrity either. Her website talks of accomplishments, including 300 reforms?? But doesn’t really tell me what she thinks about the current state of things in King County and Washington. She obviously supports the transition to Vote-By Mail, and “new technologies,” but doesn’t say anything about Premier Election Systems, or Diebold, and doesn’t come right out and say anything about supporting Vote-By Mail or Touchscreens, etc. This is just giving her wiggle room later.

Either way Bill and Sherril Huff seem to embrace Vote-By Mail and “new election technologies.” Which is exactly the attitude that I don’t want to see in this position.

On to David Irons. Well having personally debated both Ron Sims and David Irons many times in my run against them for King County Executive, I wouldn’t vote for either of them… ever. David is incapable of telling the truth when it is important. He has a history of not showing up to fundraisers thrown in his honor, and is as nutty, oh, as a big ole bag of nuts. David’s website says nothing REAL about election integrity, vote counting accuracy, etc. He just has the “words” up there without any defenition of what he means.

Julie Anne Kempf.
Julie Anne is the most honest election integrity activist I have ever met. And the most knowledgeable. I have learned a lot from her, as have many, many voting integrity activists all around the country.
Of course, for this reason she is being slandered in the media. Originally scapegoated years ago, the county has continuosly worked to malign her on many levels. Even the average dumb person should be able to read the lies spewed in the papers about Julia Anne Kempf and realize that the accusations against her usually don’t even pass a good old fashion “smell test.”

Her candidate statement is spot on.

Regardless though, the typical Seattle voter reads the news, and rarely thinks for themselves. The number of people I’ve literally seen show up at a voting booth with the “Stranger’s Cheat Sheet” election guide is stupifying. Julie Anne is a true fighter for election integrity.

Therefore, she obviously will not win.

Christopher Clifford. Hmm, doesn’t seem to know a damn thing about this race other than what the “media has fed him.” Hey Mr. Clifford, you obviously think very highly of yourself. Well, after reading your candidate statement, I don’t.

Tell me something about your position on Vote-By Mail, the county’s use of electronic voting equipment, or the process of counting votes Mr. Clifford… I can read personal attacks on the other candidates in the Seattle Times any day I please.

Your students should learn one thing from your candidate statement. People who move into glass houses to enter a political race should not throw stones. That was probably one of the most useless and arrogant candidate statements I’ve ever read Clifford.

Ok, onto Pam Roach. A very partisan Republican, who says her first responsibility will be to be “non-partisan.” Well good luck with that Pam Roach. And interestingly you somehow sponsored the Help America Vote Act? I thought that was Federal Legislation. Or was there a similarly crappy version in Washington State that I missed? The Help America Vote Act, at least the Federal Version, is nothing to be proud of…

Regardless, your candidate statement doesn’t suck. I don’t know anything about the mountain of personal crap people throw your way, so I won’t comment. However, your lack of specifics on Vote-By Mail, or most other important election related topics throws me off. I do like that you supported the initiative to elect the Director of Elections in King County. However, I also know that you did it as a very very partisan Republican.

So, in the end, I would vote for Julie Anne Kempf. Regardless of the incredibly shameless smear campaign that has tormented her for years, she is the most qualified, honest, and knowledgeable person in this race.

Too bad Seattle and King County will make this a race between the least honest and least interested in voting integrity.

Oh, and one more thing. If anyone cares to think for themselves, when was the last time you heard of someone trying to “run over a police officer” not being charged with attempting to murder an officer of the law? And for that matter, if it were a true charge, why is it still, years… YEARS later still something that is still just an accusation?

Luckily I can no longer vote in King County, my vote is tossed out in Kitsap County instead:


7 Responses

  1. I stumbled upon this website in hopes of finding more information about each of the candidates. It was very nice of you to summarize all of the candidates’ statements. However they all don’t seem to qualify for anything and it is sad we have to choose among them.

  2. Thank you for your diligence in this area; I found your article about the Elections Director very informative. Keep up the great work!

  3. It is sad that Ms. Kempf has been so shamelessly maligned and scapegoated. This I agree with. The other 5 candidates are either crappy on voting integrity issues, or unqualified, or both.

    It is easy to destroy a candidate, all you have to do is dig up a little bit of dirt and amplify that dirt beyond all reasonable measure.

    There’s no one in this race directly speaking out against Vote-By Mail, and that, to me is even sader.

  4. Julie Ann has been a unique and essential resource to local intergrity activists. It doesn’t surprise me that someone like her would have been scapegoated and removed from the elections department – discredited to dismiss her criticisms.

    During my time of investigation and involvement of the issue, I witnessed an alarming impenetrable denial regarding vulnerabilities inherent in some of the new technologies/products that the department was gleefuly shopping (with our tax dollars). As nobody I met at the department seemed to register any concern over those problematic, sometimes unconstitutional (sometimes non-functioning or unproven!!) products or the loss of transparency and accountability in all-mail voting, I can imagine that, during her time, Julie Ann was somewhat alone in her criticisms.

    After several months dedicated to researching available electronic voting products, their legality/consitiutionality and the results of their brief history of use, I found myself solidly in agreement with her ideas and I will most likely be voting (by mail) for her.

    I’m aware that Sherril Huff is also an excellent candidate and that she is more open now to addressing concerns of transparency and legality than she has be previously.

  5. Sherii Huff has not spoken out against the move to Vote-By Mail, this alone makes me uncomfortable. Please, if you have some time poke around this blog for awhile. There are sooooooo many problems with vote-by mail that I could never support a candidate for this position that is going full force towards this system.

  6. I’m well aware of the problems, but I’m optimistic about her willingness to hear peoples’ concerns now, as opposed to a few months ago. Perhaps she would make herself available to respond formally to specific concerns in a dialogue that could be circulated. I know there’s not alot of time left. I think people are more aware of these problems than attentive activists assume. I encountered alot of knowlege of and scepticism toward all mail voting while flyering in opposition to that crazy internet-ballot-receipt-verification garbage they almost bought. Does anyone envision a stradegy for a reversal to all vote by mail?

  7. Right now the only strategy is to keep Pierce County from being forced into it by Sam Reed.

    My aim with 3 years of writing on this blog is to provide the resources for other state’s and other activists who are fighting this move… in about 25 states currently.

    Rolling back Vote-By Mail in this state is a tall order. Doable. But tall.

    I’m glad for your participation in this thread Mary, you are a very honest person. Thanks.

    I understand that Sherril is at the mercy of the King County Council. But she has a pulpit to address this situation. Currently she should have the same concerns I have, she should be talking about not moving to vote-by mail, she should not be waiting around to hear my concerns. She should have them herself. At least in my opinion.

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