Computers adding wrong, “I got a penny extra in gas!”

Hi everyone, I haven’t been writing much on this blog in a few years since starting my business. However, this caught my eye today as we head into another election cycle in which
private companies count our votes using secret vote counting software.

I had pre-paid for gas at AM/PM for $25.00 of gas. But the pump dispensed $25.01 in gas. I took a picture. And it also printed on my receipt. Now obviously AM/PM has no vested interest in giving me even 1 penny more in gas than I paid for, but according to their “computers” that’s what it tells me happened. And while it might not matter to AM/PM that this happens once in a great while. When we are talking about counting millions of votes with private software, we don’t necessarily want to just blindly trust that “counting software” is accurate.

Anyway, nothing earth shattering but it was interesting… if I find a copy of the receipt I’ll scan it in later…