The 2017 Seattle Mayoral Primaries and Candidate Breakdown

8 People Are Currently Running For Mayor

Four Serious Contenders:

Ed Murray


The Current Mayor.

Jason Roberts

The straight white guy in race. He’s a proud Democrat. Let’s call him Mike McGill 2.0. He’s got a beard, he’s technical.

Nikkita Oliver

The strongest challenger from Ed Murray’s left. Nikkita is most know, it seems, for Black Lives Matter activism and a Ted Talk I will watch and get back to you on…. She’s an activist lawyer and has a bunch of volunteers already, so she’s a serious contender in Seattle.

Andres Salomon

A newcomer in terms of name recognition, he’s a serious contender buy not being any of the four other candidates. Andres has a big hill to climb to get into the top two, but it could happen. He’s already got a website and a platform, so who knows?

Then there’s the Four Not So Serious Candidates. The others include a token crazy guy, an earnest rock and roll drummer, a perennial socialist candidate, and an 8th person who I frankly don’t remember, so you won’t either.

I started writing this article after my family’s trip to Chicago, where I noticed it was really clean, and not full of tents and trash. People say Mayor Daley cleaned up the city. Now, love him or hate him, what’s happened to the homeless in Chicago? I’d like to know what’s different than here in Seattle. Is it the harsher weather? Was it Daley? Are they being disappeared?

Seattle’s environment is literally being trashed by our homeless problem. And I don’t believe it’s a problem that “Liberal” or “Socialist” or “PC” culture can deal with honestly without calling each other names. If I advocate law and order, I get labelled a Republican. It’s the 3rd rail of Seattle’s current political culture.

Currently, Mayor Ed Murray advocates raising taxes again, to spend more money on the problem. Except for the fact that this Mayor likes to spend 150k a pop on Rainbow Crosswalks, I’d maybe support the idea. But frankly, this Mayor and Council show no signs of actually having a plan or track record that I could support.

So rather than discuss different approaches to the topic, my question today is… who can lead us on this issue. Who has credibility? Who in Seattle, in the Political Arena has an actual track record who is also willing to run for city council or Mayor? There’s 4 decent challengers to Ed, 150k crosswalk, Murray.

Feel free to convince me that the candidate you support is the best candidate. Maybe you like the token crazy guy… Maybe you still support Ed Murray…. Why?

The Four Underdogs Include:
Mary Juanita Martin

This Candidate gets a point for being the only one to knock on my front door so far and talk to me in person. But she’s a perennial Socialist candidate. She has a big hill to climb to get into the top two.

Casey Carlisle

He wants you to know he’s not a Republican, he’s a Libertarian.

Alex Tsimerman

This guy will be fun at candidate forums!

Keith Whiteman

Rock and Roll Drummer turns earnest politician. He will also have to work hard to get into the top two.


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  1. An inlgtlieent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

  2. SAS when did Applebees become the favorite salt lick? I always hung around McD’s to see the mouth breathing squids. Guess I’m going to have to change my vantage points.

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