Greg Palast on The Problems with Voting-By-Mail

Sorry Democrats, But Vote By Mail Won’t Save You
Most likely, it will make matters worse. I’ll let Greg Palast Explain

  • Oregon, Washington, and Colorado — are the three states with the highest number of uncounted ballots in America.
  • Your chance of losing your vote if you’re African American and young is about six times that if you’re an older white person

    “All over the country we’re going to have massive problems with minority voters. I could go on but I want to hit one final point, which is that in the African American communities, according to Michael Wychocki, one of the great mail-in experts of America. He said about 4% to 20% of messages to voters from the government go astray. And he said the 20% is in urban rental areas. You’re not supposed to lose your vote if you move down the street, but if you have moved, you’re not going to get that mail-in ballot. You’re not going to get the request for a mail-in ballot.

    You’re going to have people who never get their ballots — millions according to MIT. A huge number of the people who request a mail-in ballot never get them or never get them in time to return them. And it’s extreme in urban areas and also among students who move dorm rooms or apartments, et cetera. So basically, Democratic voters get demolished in an all mail-in election.”