Welcome Washington Voters

I know, I know, this is The No Vote By Mail Project. But as I am running for WA Secretary of State, the site is getting lots of hits….

Therefore, you may believe I want to shut down Vote-By Mail during a Pandemic. People have even accused me of exactly this.

But, first, I am not currently elected, so I have no power over your elections during this pandemic. So I neither have the power, nor am I arguing to shut-down mail voting during a pandemic. I’m arguing against other states adopting this system without knowing the faults. I am quite literally the world’s biggest critic of mail voting. But if you love Vote-by Mail, wouldn’t you want the most security paranoid person in charge of the system, rather than those who act as if problems don’t exist?

No, I won’t dismantle mail voting, I’m arguing for improvements.

I am arguing for at least:

  • 10 Early Voting Centers Per County (Adjusted for Geography and Population Needs)
  • Early Voting Center Poll Sites Open 7 Days before the election in conjunction with our drop box system
  • A real examination of why almost 36,000 votes were thrown out in 2016, and a lot more were just rejected during the primaries of 2020.
  • Improving our absentee system, rather than immediately dismantling the system
  • Real talk about the short-comings of undermining the secret ballot in Washington and VBM systems. How to restore the Secret Ballot even in an Absentee System.

Let’s all think about this during this election: The same people who signed the contracts and sold you a proverbial “bill-of-goods” on Diebold and proprietary touchscreen voting machines, are the same people selling the idea that Vote-By Mail is the solution to our voting woes. Just look at the NASS website, it is cholk full of corporate sponsors who love counting your votes. They are happy to do it with VBM. But with mail voting, your ballot is still gets fed into the same voting machines as before the implementation of Vote-By Mail.  Read the whole book “Blackbox Voting, Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century,” or watch the documentary, “Hacking Democracy,” and learn about computer voting problems yourself. Afterall, it is your Republic if you can keep it.

Has this voting machine problem been fixed? Nope. Not by mail voting it hasn’t.


Here’s all 4 candidates in their own words, judge for yourself:

First Debate:

2nd Debate:

3rd Debate:

Bonus, a fairly neutral Spokesman Review Write-Up https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2020/jul/10/election-reform-in-focus-as-3-candidates-challenge/