Absentee voting and mail voting are not the same

Absentee voting and mail voting are not the same.

Absentee voting is the Header, and Mail voting is the subtype.

But just because the President is a moron, let’s not all get confused.

Absentee Voting Includes:
1. Mail voting
2. Drop Off Absentee Ballots
3. Phone Voting
4. Computer Voting

Each of these systems have strengths and weaknesses. #2 is the most secure and compatible with public ownership and control of elections. The other 3 hand control of our elections over to other entities both governmental and privately controlled.

We are witnessing the problems inherent, right now, when you hand over our voting system to the USPS, which is part of the Executive Branch.

From the beginning I have despised mail voting for many, many, detailed reasons. But the fact that forced mail voting removes elections from the hands of the people, and puts it in control of fascists… That’s the main reason I hate mail voting. And computerized voting, etc.

Let’s remember, Fascism is rule by the merger of State and Corporate control. So controlling our votes, and counting our votes, is part and parcel to fascism.

You are seeing it happen in real time.

And still, I swear, Democrats will lose this 2020 election, while watching it stolen, all while waiving a mail ballot high in the air and screaming, “Why, why didn’t mail voting work?”


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