Vote Buying or Voter Suppression?
[From a Fox News Report on an Obama Blog]

“How easy is it to steal an election using absentee ballots? Very easy, very easy,” said Faye Cochran, of the Democracy Defense League. “The absentee ballot box is the most vulnerable to voter fraud without changing the loopholes our laws allow of this.”

Since the investigations started there have been even more allegations of vote-buying and absentee-ballot abuse.

But Turner says the investigations are little more than a Republican witch hunt to suppress the black vote.

“You go after black people, you go after black Democrats — you prosecute them for vote fraud, boom.” he said.

King denies any political motivation.

“The ability of a great number of Alabamans to participate at all was bought with the blood of the leaders of the civil rights movement in this very state where votes are being bought and sold,” he said. “And we will not allow their memories to be desecrated by anybody.”