New Jersey Moves Closer to Vote-By Mail

New Jersey is moving closer to voting by mail, and the Vote By Mail Project (as opposed to the No VBM project) is pushing their lies on the voter of New Jersey as well. Chief among them the lie that there’s “no pesky voting machines to malfunction in a VBM system”. Um how are the votes counted in a VBM system then? Let me assure you New Jersey is not looking at a hand counted vote-by mail system.

Anyway here’s the link to the Newsday article.

Bill Bradbury Hawks Vote-By Mail to Pennsylvania

Apparently Bill Bradbury is not satisfied with eliminating the secret ballot in Oregon, now he’s on a mission to eliminate the secret ballot nationally as well:┬žionID=1

Bradbury claims, “We will have the cleanest, the most accurate voter registration rolls in the country in about another two years, because there’s this constant cleansing, because of the returned ballots, that lead to inactive voter status.”

The idea was generally well-received by the Pennsylvania legislators, although Democrat Robert Freeman of Northhampton County was worried about tradition “The one concern I have is the end of that civic ritual, going to a polling place, making a conscious effort to be there in line with your neighbors, casating your vote in a democratic style,” Freeman said.