Indiana Looks to Ease Absentee Restrictions

The above article requires a subscription. But it’s another state trying to ease absentee laws, paving the way for 100% Vote-By Mail over time, as Washington, California, and Oregon are used as test cases.

The other news out of Indiana is that Secretary of State Todd Rokita is supporting a Early Voting Center plan, but one that will apparently replace (not supplement) the precinct system. Hand-in-hand this looks like the same move planned for many other states, push to shut down precincts, open regional centers, and then when voters complain about not having enough precinct-level “easy to get to” poll sites, offer the Vote-By Mail solution.,votecenter.article

Bill 235 could face a tough legislative fight over a provision allowing Indiana voters to cast absentee ballots without explaining why they can’t go to the polls.

So the method of implementation is clear for election officials, first create a problem, paperless touchscreens or regional voting centers, and then create the solution Vote-By Mail because the average voter will think it is both “convenient & a paper ballot.”