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5 Super Simple things you can do to help
If you would like to help please visit the contact page for these or any other reason

 1. Help as a News Blogger, email me stories about Voting News, Voting Integrity, or adding your Voting Intergrity Resource. Are you the contact person for a group of citizens working on voting reform in your area? Contact me, I’ll add you to the list.

2. Non-profit Guru. Creating the non-profit framework with me, based in Washington State. Someone who knows Washington non profit registration process, loopholes, and law, that could create the non-profit structure.

3. Send an email to your best friend, your mom or dad, or sibling… your grandmother, you email list, with a link to the No Vote By Mail Project. Http://

4. Add a link to your website.

5. Respond to the stories you see here, add comments, or send in your question, gentry (@) gentrylange .com [no spaces or parenthesis]. Or send me $1 Dollar.


5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this information on the problems with voting by mail. The state of Utah just passed HB172 of this year 2012 which allows the whole state to vote by mail. I have been aggressively fighting against it. I was able to help a town nearby that had just been mandated to vote by mail last summer. We got a petition going and was able to reverse the mayor and city councils decision. Now, since the passing of this HB172 I am now facing what to do since the whole state is heading towards vbm. Trying to work with the attorney general about how vbm is not a secret ballot and how it violates our Utah Constitution.

    • Welcome to my world DeAnna, I’ve been aggressively fighting it in Washington for years. I can honestly say I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been on TV, radio, in debates, run for office, very few people listen. The answer to me is glassbox voting in a precinct system, hand counted/audited. But any help is always appreciated, and I can be contacted directly at

  2. Gentry, I feel your frustration. When I started a petition in the city that was being mandated to vote by mail, the citizens were very grateful that I was starting this petition. I was also educating the citizens as to the dangers of voting by mail and they replied to me that they never thought of the consequences of this vbm system. I believe what we have to do is start petitions within our own communities in each individual precincts to fight back against this. The people need to get organized and fight back against their loss of their right to have a secret ballot. I wish you could make some youtube videos of the people in your state of the problems with the vbm system that you are having. There is one video I found on youtube of a man living in Oregon pleading with the rest of the states to NOT implement the vbm system. I put it on facebook to start passing around so the citizens can get better informed, because people have no idea of all the problems involved with vbm, the loss of freedom and the complete takeover of the voting system by the government. I appreciate all the work you have done with this issue. Keep up the good work! DeAnna

    • Thanks DeAnna, we are still fighting, and the Secretary of State race this year in Washington, we have one candidate who I am going to help. I run a business, so the amount of time I have to work on this anymore is minimal, but I have assembled the most resources on the web for this issue. And if you ever want, I do give presentations on the issue as well. Might be able to do one via skype to a group?

  3. I wish I had a group to present it to. I have just been contacting individuals one by one trying to get the word out. At our State Republican Convention on Saturday our Republican Chairman, Thomas Wright, presented a video on voting by mail to 4,000 state delegates and stating what a great and convenient voting system it is. I feel like a David fighting a Goliath. I am still trying to work with the Chief Attorney General, John Swallow and even the candidate that is running against him, Sean Reyes, to see if they will bring it up in their campaign platform. Haven’t had a response back from either yet. Question. . .how did your state ignore a persons right to a secret ballot by going to this vote by mail system?

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