Nov 8, 2022 – The Red Mirage and The Blue Shift Problem, Still the Same

The Red Mirage and Blue Shift Problem is the same as it was in 2020, only worse with more states voting by mail.

Because mail ballots can take up to a month to determine the outcome of close elections, I suspect that all eyes might be on Pennsylvania for a few weeks. Though they could even be on Washington State.

The Red Mirage is a Vote-By-Mail phenomenom that has more Republicans voting at the poll site, and more Democrats voting by mail. That means Red votes are counted faster than Blue Votes. So it appears on election day that Republicans are in the “lead,” and Democrats are “coming from behind.” It’s a great news cycle narrative, even if totally false.

The month-long counting process only helps the side that benefits from CHAOS. And that’s the Republicans. They are happy to exploit the problems with mail voting. They are doing it now, more than ever.

I’ve been warning against the problems with mail voting for 17 years. This year, it’s going to reach epic proportions. Expect the Republicans to scream loudly to eliminate just as many mail ballots as they possibly can, and to file, I expect 100s of lawsuits.

The Democrats think mail voting helps them, but that’s far from clear statistically. And I’m fearful that with stacked courts, this election might be fairly clearly undone by mail voting.

The next 48 hours should tell us alot.

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