The “Myth” of Vote Fraud

While Michael Waldman and Justin Levitt opine on “The Myth of Voting Fraud,” in the Washington Post, real voting fraud continues to be prosecuted all around the country. Case in point, Crown Point, Chicago:

CROWN POINT | Two were convicted and sentenced Wednesday for vote fraud in the May 2003 East Chicago primary race. Two others await sentencing.

The Lake County prosecutor’s office said Jose Arroyo, 39, of Hammond, and Mabel Komendat, 44, of Highland, pleaded guilty to voting in East Chicago, although they lived outside that city.

Lake Criminal Court Judge Clarence Murray placed both on one year probation and ordered them to perform 50 hours community service.

Allan “Twig” Simmons, 39, of Hammond, faces nine years in prison when he is sentenced next month by Murray. Simmons pleaded guilty to absentee balloting fraud.

Mario Del Valle, 32, of Hammond, pleaded guilty to voting outside his home precinct. Lake Criminal Court Judge Thomas P. Stefaniak Jr. will sentence him April 24.

Some 22 people have been convicted of vote fraud in the 2003 East Chicago primary election.

Now I’m a voting integrity activist, myself. And to me, voting fraud and electioneering are two sides of the same coin. But it is interesting that the typical Republican will concern themselves with “fraud” and the typical Democrat will worry more about “electioneering”. To get to the heart of the issue, voting integrity needs to be about securing the voting system from both electioneering and fraud concerns. Not about partisan bickering, and political manuevering.

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