Vote 3 Times to Insure Secrecy and Convenience?

I have not been a fan of Internet Voting in the past, but this system is interesting.  Certainly it could reduce the ability to coerce voters, if they could recast their votes with a new, or newly replaced voting card, or paper ballot at a poll site.

Estonia’s online voting certainly looks likely to reduce the burden of bureaucracy. To cast ballots, voters simply accesses the electoral website in the three-day advance-voting period, swipe their chip-card through a card reader attached to the computer, punch in their pin number and make their choice.

Card readers are widely available in public libraries, internet points, and even in private hands. They can cost as little as 100 kroons (6. 39 euro), Koitma said.

To avoid the risk of fraud or coercion, any voter can cancel a vote registered to their card by voting again online, or by casting a paper ballot on election day, March 4.

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