Another Great Editorial on Vote-By Mail

Why is it that most the op-ed pieces of substance are opposed to Vote-By Mail? Maybe it is because Vote-By Mail is a very bad idea…

Eight million Californians are expected to vote in Tuesday’s election, the largest turnout for a presidential primary in the state’s history. But even if that total is accurate, it would be grossly incorrect to claim that 8 million voters actually went to the polls. Half mailed in their ballots, some nearly a month ago. And that’s the problem.

How many Republicans voted by mail for Rudy Giuliani? How many Democrats wasted their votes on John Edwards? Those ballots for the now-noncandidates could have determined the outcome of this election. But Edwards and Giuliani supporters can’t recast their votes.

This is only the most glaring example of the fallacy of early voting. The whole system stinks.[Read the whole editorial]


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