Vote-By Mail Problems Persist Nationally

During this year’s Presidential Primaries, more and more voters and states are waking up to the problems associated with Vote-By Mail and absentee ballot problems. Here’s just a few articles to get a sense of what is happening around the country:

And then there’s the increased potential for “granny farming” absentees:

In John XXIII Home, Hermitage, there’s no polling place but the activity department organizes absentee ballots and rides are occasionally given to polling places, said Administrator Kirk Hawthorne.

If a resident needs an absentee ballot, they go through the physician and an application for one is sent in, Hawthorne said.

What I don’t understand from this article, is how rides are given to polling places, when the polling places don’t exist? I mean….. it’s even in the same sentence of the article!

Oh, and that pick-a-party primary ballot design is spreading from Kitsap, WA, to King County, WA:

Nearly one in four King County voters who mailed in their ballots did not identify themselves as Democrat or Republican, nullifying their votes in the presidential primary.

The elections office Friday called it a combination of protest and error. Some voters do not want to publicly declare a political party, even though their vote remains secret. Other voters might not know their votes will not be counted unless they choose a party.

“It’s clear that voters have strong feelings about having to take an oath,” said Bobbie Egan, spokeswoman for King County Elections.

On the King County absentee-ballot envelope, voters must check off a box next to the Democratic or Republican oath and sign the envelope. The oath declares that the voter is a member of that party who will not participate in the nomination process for any other political party this year.

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